Malcolm and Clara; a tale of the Scottish highlands

Please find another Scottish Highlands related book for reading. This is a public domain book and is free to read or download for non-commercial use.

Excerpt from the Preface of the book:

“The contents of this little volume, now laid before the public, must not be supposed to possess that grace and elegance of composition which generally exhibits the delicate feelings and sentiments of the man whose work has been produced under the advantages of retirement and a life of uninterrupted study.

The author of the following poetical attempts is a youth of nineteen, whose time has been mostly spent in the toils of an active commercial life, with very little leisure allotted him for the development of those impulses* which consequently only appear in their rude uncultivated state in this volume.

If the critic, after examining these pages, happens to discover one sentiment worthy of sufficient commendation to stimulate farther effort, tha author will be amply rewarded; ”



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