The world’s tallest man meeting the shortest living man

The world’s tallest and shortest living men met for the first time in London as part of an event to mark the 60th anniversary of Guinness World Records. Sultan Kosen, from Turkey, who measures 8 feet and 3 inches (2.51 meters) shook hands with 21.5-inch (54.6 centimeters) tall Chandra Bahadur Dangi from Nepal.

Ten essential facts about the new Guinness World Records record-breaker from Nepal.

1. Chandra measures 54.6cm (21.5 in), making him the same size of six stacked cans of baked beans.

2. He is the seventh sibling of a family of six brothers and two sisters.

3. He lives in the isolated Nepalese village of Reemkholi in Dang district, some 540 kilometres southwest of the capital Kathmandu.  The village has 200 homes, a few solar panels for electricity and no television.

4. He is looked after by his immediate older brother and his family.

5. Three of his five brothers were less than four feet tall, while his two sisters and two brothers are of average height.

6. Despite his age, he claims to have never taken any kind of medication or to have ever been examined by a doctor.

7. He hopes to use his new found fame to travel, admitting: “I think things will be better now. I hope that I will be famous all over the world”

8. Chandra spends his days making placemats and head straps for villagers to carry heavy loads on their backs.

9. He also helps look after the village’s buffalos and cows.

10. Chandra traveled to Kathmandu in order to be measured by Guinness World Records officials, marking the first time he had visited the Nepalese capital.


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