Fyrish Monument


Going north from Inverness by road A9 or by rail  one passes the small town of Evanton. Looking ahead and slightly to the left after leaving  Evanton, ones vision rests on Fyrish Hill with  Fyrish monument on the top. The monument consists of eight pillars and three pointed arches. It was built in 1782 by the local laird Sir Hector Munro of Novar

Sir Hector Munro Of Novar

Sir Hector Munro Of Novar

to commemorate his victory over the Dutch and local Mysore-Indians at the siege of Negapattam in 1781. The war between British and Dutch in India at this time was designated the 4th Anglo-Dutch War an offshoot of the American War of Indepenence and the Seven Years War in Europe.

The Fyrish monument was built along the lines and architectural pattern of temple gates in Negapattam.

The Dutch traders had minted their own gold coins caller fanams and Mysore had their own gold coins. Sir Hector Munro returned from India with coins which he used to establish Novar Estate and monuments to commemorate  victory at various battles in India.


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