Dornoch Slaughterhouse is being demolished

Recently, residents and guests of Dornoch could watch a spectacle of Dornoch Slaughterhouse being demolished. The demolition is nearly over at the time of this post is being published.


Dornoch Slaughterhouse Abbattoir demolished


Report by Area Planning Manager describes the site as: “The site is a former abattoir to the east of Dornoch Business Park. There are a number of houses and Dornoch Health Centre on Shore Road which runs to the east of the site and Dornoch Square is to north of the site. The boundary of the Dornoch Conservation Area is immediately to the north of the site but the site is not in the Conversation Area. Part of the site is an area of flood risk. The site has been unused for some time.”


Closer view over the fence

There were rumours, that after demolition is complete, student accommodations will be built there instead, but it seems to be uncertain at the moment what will actually happen.



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