A group of local musicians performing original music written by Highland composer

Dornoch West Church Hall

Dornoch West Church Hall

3rd May 2015

Dornoch Cathedral

In aid of West Church Hall

Local musicians from Dornoch and Evanton will perform original music written by John Brozovsky. Performance will take place in Dornoch Cathedral 3rd May 2015 at 3 PM.

John Brozovsky – composer, musician, teacher and conductor, lives in Dornoch.

Vida Laurinaviciene – violinist and classical violin teacher, from Evelix by Dornoch.

Paul & Elaine Griffiths – both sing in Dingwall Choral Society  and with Voiceworks, both from Evanton.

The Program:

1. Ceilidh – one of the movements from the Bonar Bridge Suite – commissioned by the Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust last year.

2. Lullaby – the first public performance (since college) to be sung by Elaine. The piano emulating a spinning wheel while a mother sings to her child.

3. Air on a G String – J.S. Bach

4. Come Oh Love, That Lovest All – a hymn. Words by Rev. Anthony Jones music by John.

5. Three movements from the John’s ballet. One fairy coming of age is given the choice of gifts so visits other fairies who have already been given the gift:


Ant March


6. Lazing Around – sung by Paul

7. Two Vocalises – First one played by Vida violin / sung by Elaine / John on piano; Second one played by John and sung by Elaine.

8. Music inspired by a poem about fond memories of a chap from Harris and his laughter. John on Piano / Vida on violin.

9. Song of Home – a hymn – words by Rev. Anthony Jones / music by John / Elaine and Paul singing

10. The Swans – a movement from the Bonar Bridge suite. Piano / violin

11. Nella Fantasia – Gabriel’s oboe theme from the film The Mission – sung by Elaine / John on piano / Vida violin.

12. Air – the World premier on piano and violin. Inspired, as is much of John’s work, such as the Highland preludes album, by Highland landscapes and seasons.

13. Saviour of the Sea – a hymn- words by Rev. Anthony Jones / music by John

14. The Keep – the ruins of a castle – once it withstood cannon and sieges and now occupied by cattle. Words by Ant Shearn / Music by John.

15. Loch Naver – one of Highland preludes. Originally a piano solo on the album – adapted for violin and piano.

16. Toccata – an organ piece by John – written many moons ago when John was at Trinity College of Music, London.

17. Ashokan Farewell – words and music by J Ungar – arranged by Bob Cerulli – from a soundtrack of the PBS series – The Civil War – a film by Ken Burns.


This is a charity event in aid of Dornoch West Church Hall renovation, no admission fee, donations welcomed.


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