Digital and online skills training for Tain and surrounding areas

We are happy to report, that “Get to know the Internet” project in Tain has a very successful start and secured continued funding allowing it to run until the  New Year.

The project is about providing help and consultations to local people who seek advice about using internet and want to improve their computer skills.

The project is led by Lucy Hawkins, manager of North Highland Language Centre, and run by local consultants Sandra Fryer, Susan Weir and Dangis Laurinavicius . The project is funded by SCVO, you can find official project description here.

scvo project Tain Highland Scotland 002

Dangis Laurinavicius and Lucy Hawkins (right)

There were more than 10 sessions in Tain’s ASDA supermarket cafe (thanks to ASDA providing us space for the sessions) with average count of 10 participants per session. Learning sessions will continue till New Year, and anyone who want to increase their confidence in using computer and internet is welcome to attend.

Sessions are run as one-to-one consultations, and every participant will get individual attention and advise. Consulting is done by three tutors, supported by helpers from Tain Academy to ensure that every participant gets required help.

Susan Weir with two helpers

Susan Weir with two helpers



Dangis Laurinavicius is a computer consultant and project manager. He is also an editor and administrator of You can find more information about his business on

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