The Mindwalker

I have written stories, poems, articles and even novels since I was very young. I’m pleased to say I have a pile of rejection letters to rival those of the great Stephen King. They used to depress me until I realised they were actually proof that I’d tried, been willing to stick my head above the parapet of public admonition, showed myself strong enough to recover from each perceived bullet of criticism and charge back into the fray of the creative war.
I’d won a few battles. I’d had letters, articles and stories published and one day my husband Jim told me, while I was taking a novel writing course in Pitlochry, that he needed to read a western. I told him I would write him one in time for his birthday.The Mindwalker by Elizabeth Lyle
It’s taken just over two years, another short story and novel writing course – learning is good ammunition for the coming fray-both given by Clio Gray at the Tain Library but I have now self published ‘The Mindwalker’, a western that takes place in 1861 Kansas. You can buy it right now in paperback on Amazon. The Kindle version is available for pre-order.
Jim has read it and pronounced it more of the beginning of a saga than a stand alone western which means I’ll have to entrench myself to begin a ‘Mindwalker’ part two.
Watch this space for an invitation to the official book launch which I hope will be at Tain library.

Elizabeth Lyle

HELLO everyone, I was born in this country but brought up and educated in Canada. I've been home for over 30 years. I loved my time in Canada but I'm awful glad to put down permanent roots here. I was in thirteen primary schools, two high schools and only one uni. Whew. Long haul. My interests are writing (I have just become one of the NaNoWriMo winners with my novel, MINDWALKER) music of any description, reading and photography. My husband and I have two dogs and a cat. The whole happy household are old enough to be retired. Ah. I'll be concentrating on giving you a heads up about food in the local area so please, if you have any tips, just watch this space and keep me filled in too.

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