Burn’s Night Supper – My Toast To The Lassies



Well, it’s thanks to my friend, Neillie, that I’m standing here today;

He captured me down at his shop as I reached out to pay.

He said, “I have a job for you, and you’ve twelve weeks to prepare.”

I thought, my God – he wants his toenails clipped or help to dye his hair…

Now, a toast that’s for the ladies; Lord, wherever will I start?

He said, “That’s nothing rude and nothing crude, something from the heart.”

So, I scratched my head and searched my soul; I was’nae getting far.

It seems that Neillie’s harsh restrictions took out half my repertoire.

Anyway – oh the Bard, he loved the ladies, and oh how they loved him back;

Seems a poem’s all it took those days to get them in the sack.

Which explains his suave and healthy look, and how he kept so trim.

No wonder he liked writing of the love that hid within,

If only it were like that now; I’d write for all I’m worth,

Grabbing every chance I could each day to nail another verse.

And my wife, she would be pleased for me at all my new attention,

And I’d be thin from running scared from too much pain to mention.

Now, once my business took me roaming to each corner of Great Britain,

So, I catalogued the ladies; just the ones that I was smitten.

Well, Welsh girls they took hours to please, and the Irish take some beating,

And the English girls are very, very nice if your ears can take their bleating.

Ah, but Scottish girls are best by far; as steady as a rock,

But, if by chance your eye should stray……, you’ll wake withoot your cock.

So I married one, with no regrets; best move that I’ve made yet,

And I love her dear, with all my heart, in a life with no regret.

For like the Bard, I settled down when love could get no hotter,

But compared to him and his wondrous works, sure I’m just a ditty jotter.

Oh Sweet Ladies, you are dear to us – where would we be without you?

In wrinkled clothes and motley beards in a house of straw and cow poo.

Without you we would just exist – watching football in a bar;

Just sitting, drinking, laughing, eating, drinking…..and sleeping in the car.

Dear, Sweet Ladies, we don’t kid ourselves; we know you have us beat,

Hence why we hold the doors for you, and chairs each time you seat.

We love to do the chivalrous stuff – it makes us look the strongest,

You see, we have to make the most of things – you live the flipping longest.

Well, at last it’s time for me to stop – and give you chance to mingle,

And I’ll make peace with my dear wife, before I’m Facebook status: single.

Now, gentlemen, I ask you all – please charge and raise your glasses,

And join me in a bumper toast: “To the beauty of the Lassies.”


Poem By Dennis East


Dangis Laurinavicius is a computer consultant and project manager. He is also an editor and administrator of highland.today You can find more information about his business on evelixcomputers.com

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