New website for Rogart Heritage Society

A new website for Rogart Heritage Society, was launched today.

The society was formed to record and preserve the history of the parish. The quest is on-going in that we are constantly finding out fresh information and coming across images new to our archive. Having a website should enable us to make much more of this information available.

The Society rent the old school at Rhilochan and use it to hold meetings and events and make it available for any local organisation should they wish to use it. The alternative premises are the Rogart Hall at Pittentrail. Favoured during the winter months.The society were gifted an area of land in the village by the late Mrs Warre of Morvich Estate. Over the years the society has accumulated a vast store of information relating to the parish. We hope to have an inventory available on the website. One task we would like to do is target an area of the parish, perhaps one every month. Write up a blog on it and add a selection of images.

It would be appreciated if we could have feedback and comment. Information relevant to the subject will be incorporated into the records. Districts of the parish that we would like to highlight are Inscape, Rossal, Acheilidh, Lettaidh, Blarich, Grudy and Braegrudy, Knocarthur, Achork, Balchlaggan, Achnagarron, Garvault, Langwell, Morness. We start first with the parish as seen from St Callans

Projects on the horizon

One interesting project would be to make a story of the Boer War based on the letters of Walter Matheson of West Langwell.
We plan to put on the site selected extracts from the Schoolmasters diary.


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